The Immigrant & the Professor

Catherine and Noah met in 1996. Noah was getting his TEFL certificate as he prepared for a journey to teach English in Prague. Catherine was visiting Canada from Germany. She and Noah spent hours, weeks, months, working on her English skills and discovering how to make learning interesting, effective, and fun. Fast-forward through the years: Noah went to Law School and Graduate School, eventually forgoing a career in corporate law to become a professor of English Literature at a CEGEP in Montreal. Catherine trained in Germany to become a florist and moved to Quebec.

co-founders of the school

They married, and in between their now revived, at-home, language lessons, they developed a school in Montreal, one inspired by the heart. Their school makes learning interesting, effective, and fun, and it embraces the ideas of mentorship and guidance. Their school is a community hub where students and teachers meet to explore the academic world together. Their school is YouSchool.