Preparation for University II:

Advanced Principles of English Composition



Recommended Prerequisite: Preparation for University I

Advanced Principles of English Composition is designed to help all graduating CEGEP students in Quebec prepare for the challenges of academic writing at their English university.

In this course, you will learn how to organize, produce, and revise a university-level essay. You will learn the organizing principles of the academic paper as well as how to write flawless topic sentences and excellent paragraphs. You will also learn how to develop a good writing style. Then, with expert guidance every step of the way, you will apply your new skills and write an essay that will be reviewed by your peers and evaluated by your teacher. 


Acquiring these skills will have a direct and positive impact on your academic performance and grades since you will now be able to showcase your ideas properly for evaluation. More importantly, the knowledge you gain in this class will substantially increase your enjoyment of learning; you will feel confident and in control.


Course Schedule for W22 (intensive):

To be determined

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