Preparation for CEGEP I:

Essential English Usage and Linguistics



Prerequisite: None

If you are a native English speaker whose language and writing skills would benefit from a pre-CEGEP boost, or if you are an allophone, francophone, or international student who will be in an English academic environment for the first time when you arrive at CEGEP, Essential English Usage and Linguistics should be the first step on your journey.
In this course, you will gain a solid understanding of the most essential elements of English grammar and sentence structure. Working closely with our experienced and skilled teachers, y
ou will learn to identify and correct the most important grammatical and structural errors students make at this level. You will also be introduced to the theory behind those corrections so that you can take the lessons with you as you move forward on your path.


Knowledge of these fundamental concepts will not only have a positive impact on your academic performance and grades but will also substantially increase your enjoyment of learning. After you complete the course, you will be able to communicate your ideas with more clarity, precision, and elegance, and your work will more accurately reflect your ability and intelligence. ​​

Course Schedule for W22 (intensive):

To be determined

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