YouSchool will help you arrive at your English CEGEP or university as a confident and relaxed student, well-equipped for the academic journey ahead.

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The transition from high school to CEGEP, and later from CEGEP to university, can be overwhelming---especially in a bilingual society. It doesn't have to be!   

At YouSchool, we firmly believe that the responsibility for preparing students for this journey does not rest with students alone: families should be able to count on the community for guidance. That's why we have made it our mission to help you prepare for the path that lies ahead. We believe that you should be supported by capable, experienced, and well-educated mentors, each of whom understands the challenges you will be facing.

We are a preparatory school in Montreal, helping students excel at English CEGEP and university.

If you are looking to get ahead during the W22 semester,

or if you need help with your workplace English, consider our private and small-group courses!

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 You will be learning from the BEST 
We select teachers from among the best and most experienced CEGEP faculty in Montreal. Every course at YouSchool is led by a teacher that has a Master’s degree and at least five years’ experience teaching English at the CEGEP level. Many have their Doctorates and have been at CEGEP for at least ten years. In other words, your teacher will be uniquely positioned to recognize, understand, and help you meet the challenges you will be facing as you transition to this next stage of your academic career.
YouSchool fits your LIFESTYLE
Our course offerings are all online and scheduled so as not to interfere with your active lifestyle. Enjoy yourself as you learn and grow! 
You will likely see immediate RESULTS
Our small classes ensure that as our teachers guide you through your courses, you will not get lost in the shuffle. You'll get personal attention and will likely see significant improvement, right from your very first session.
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Studies have shown that many students have difficulty attending every session of an online course. Our experienced teachers understand this and structure their courses to keep them dynamic and fun! Moreover, we genuinely appreciate your diligence and will reward your perfect attendance. Attend every class in one of our preparatory courses, and receive a $50 YouSchool COMPLETION BONUS upon graduation.